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  • 16 abr 2010. Rudy. Canada. "Like we were part of the family".

    Great advices. great location. personalized treatment.

  • 9 feb 2010. Jim and Ann. Ontario. Canada. "Karlita's Was A Great Start To Our Cuban Vacation".

    My wife and I stayed at Karlita's for three nights in early January. We were warmly greeted and given advice on things to do and things to watch out for in Havana. The rooms were clean, the staff was friendly and the meals were excellent. After our first night's dinner we decided to have our other dinners at Karlita's as well. We were able to specify our choice each morning and as a result got the freshest of food. We particularly liked the fish. A great introduction to Cuba.

  • 18 ene 2010. elmundoismyoyste. Guatemala. "Our trip was a complete success thanks to Karlita".

    Karlita is the reason my friends and I had such a wonderful time in Cuba. She informed us of some of the pitfalls that could (and did) arise, the places to go that only locals would know, trustworthy casa owners across the entire country etc. She is a fantastic lady, with a wealth of knowledge and she really cares about her clientele. I highly recommend her, the staff at Casa de Karlita, the food (Exquisite), and everything else.

  • 18 ene 2010. zoltanisawesome. Manila. "Home away from home".

    Casa Karlita is a beautiful place; comfortable, clean & spacious. The food is fantastic and the location is also great.But the real benefit is Carlita herself. Not just for an endless source of knowledge about Havana & Cuba, but for the care with which she treats her guests. If you are headed outside Havana, ask for a referral to another Casa, it's a great way to ensure you don't get robbed or defrauded.Lastly, LISTEN to her advice! It may sound like an exaggeration, but it's not. Which we found out the hard way :) Thanks Carlita, you made a great trip an awesome trip.

  • 16 ene 2010. Stweeve.Melbourne. "Start your Cuban holiday here!".

    Carlita was an absolute God send as our first destination in Cuba. She sat us down, gave us the lay of the land, and made sure we had everything we needed to have a wonderful trip. As the other reviewers have mentioned, she speak fantastic english, and the food is the best we had in Cuba. Get the fish!

    I can't recommend highly enough that you get her and the girls to make suggestions as to activities in the city. They'll steer you in the right direction.


  • 12 April 2010. Antonio Mazzotti

    My days in Karlita Hostal have been great. Respect, security, and attention proveded by the staff made feel at home . Iam really enjoyed breakfast, dinner with a particular and inusual quality and taste to find in Cuba. The people was really geat and thanks the hostelbooker to find hostels like that .

  • 16 March 2010. Yvonne Sprangers

    We stayed several nights at Casa Karlita and we loved this place and the people were like a family. The house has lovely colourful and clean rooms and very good food. It is a wonderful place to settle down after your flight and start your journey through Cuba. Your will feel welcome and relaxed and the people of Casa Karlita are allways ready to help you.

  • 18 January 2010. Baptiste Innocent

    Great place !! Everybody's very nice, always helpful for every request. Rooms are perfect, so is the bathroom, cleaned every day. Food (especially breakfast) is excellent, and the ratio quality/price excellent. The location is quite good and the area is safe. However a bit far from the Center and the Old Town (30 min walk, 10 min taxi). I strongly recommend it for anybody who wants a nice place and helpful people (especially if you don't speak spanish) for one's first visit (and more !) to Cuba.

  • 17 January 2010. Sarah Ogburn

    We loved staying at Casa Karlita. We had a wonderful Cuban experience, great food, friendly staff, and good location. I highly recommend staying here while you are in Havana. I know I will next time I return :)